When it comes to African fashion the two major things that stand out are clothes and hair styles. African inspired hair styles such as Braids, locks, Weaves and Twists are just as captivating as the prints themselves. ChrisKes Salon has found this correlation between African fashion and hair styles and has come up with the perfect combo package. Since clothes compliment hair styles why not have those both made together?



At this beautiful afro centric salon the perfect outfit can be made to match an alluring hair style for any event. Our excellent fashion designers work along with our experienced stylists to create clothes that compliment the very hair style the client wants. With so many beautiful African fabrics to choose from and our creative designer carefully considering the client’s specifications, this is a dream offer!


For special occasions it’s always refreshing to see bold attire with an equally bold hair style that compliments the theme of the clothing. This makes for a unique flawless Afro chic fashion experience. ChrisKes salon offers this experience at very affordable prices and the best part is that the client’s specifications are always top priority.

We source the very best Afro Fashion.  Don’t go anywhere else to get your authentic, ethically-sourced African fashion prints!