Raffiniert Naphthalin – Mottenkugeln 150g

Raffiniert Naphthalin – Mottenkugeln 150g

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100% Rein Natürlich Original Naphthalene Kugeln
Origin: Taiwan
Inhalt: 150g (€3,27/100g)

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Mottenkugeln sind kleine Kugeln aus chemischen Pestiziden und Deodorant, die manchmal bei der Aufbewahrung von Kleidung und anderen Artikeln verwendet werden, die durch Schimmel oder Mottenlarven (insbesondere Kleidermotten wie Tineola) beschädigt werden.

Mothballs are small balls of chemical pesticide and deodorant sometimes used in the storage of clothing and other items damaged by mold or moth larvae (especially clothes moths such as Tineola)
Mothballs are classified as a best repellent to insects and used to control moths and other fiber pests in wool and other natural fiber clothing materials and in wardrobe

About 30 Balls in one pack

How to use:

✔ Do not make direct contact with food and consumables.

✔ You can put it directly with clothing, or leather, or books, etc.

✔ This product can prevent mildew and moth from your living room and toilet.


✔ Do not eat and keep out of reach of children.

✔ Avoid inhaling the smell consecutive times.

✔ Beware the eyes, mouth, skin or soft tissue was.

 Wash your hand after use it.