Bigi Mama Basmati Parboiled Rice- Golden Sella (18Kg)

Bigi Mama Basmati Parboiled Rice- Golden Sella (18Kg)

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Basmati Rice – Golden Sella
Brand: Bigi Mama

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 The essence, aroma and taste of each grain of Bigi Mama Basmati Rice can be ascribed to the special soil and climatic conditions of the misty Himalayas. To bring to you consistent and excellent taste, experienced professionals oversee the cultivation, ensure consistent seed quality and apply various protection techniques to the crop. On cooking, each grain of Bigi Mama parboiled Basmati Rice elongates to three times of its uncooked size and tends to separate, adding a royal touch to every meal.

       Die Essenz, das Aroma und der Geschmack jedes Korns von Bigi Mama Basmati Rice können den besonderen Boden- und Klimabedingungen des nebligen Himalaya zugeschrieben werden.